501 East 19th Street

Tacoma, WA 98421



Transloading Service


Founded in 1992, with the goal of handling any agricultural commodity and providing a variety of packaging alternatives.  Over the years we have had numerous upgrades and the evolution has developed into a high speed bulk loading facility handling over 30 different commodities ranging from soybeans and wheat to canola meal and dried distillers grains.



The site is switched directly by both the Burlington Northern and the Union Pacific railroads.  It is the only facility in the Pacific Northwest with this feature.  Having this available has proven to reduce switching time and switching costs.

Tacoma Transload was also the first facility to provide covered loading for both railcars and containers.  Even today, it is still one of the few facilities in the Pacific Northwest that provides covered loading.


Located within 2 miles of all the major shipping lines, Tacoma Transload Inc., is located in the heavy weight corridor of Tacoma.  In order to cover moves to the Port of Seattle or heavy 20' containers, Tacoma Transload Inc also has one of the largest super-chassis fleets in Tacoma capable of hauling any size container to it's maximum weight.